10 Questions Every Marketing Department Needs

Marketing is often misunderstood – sometimes, it is viewed as a want instead of a need. It is more than that. Marketing is a science, it is the most essential part of the “Brand”. Marketing makes the brand.

Often, companies think that marketing is unimportant, it is ineffective. The truth is, “marketing” is important and can be effective, with the right objectives and direction. The budget is often the hurdle and speed bump that marketing departments face and what most fail to realise is, the budget is the key.

Now, I will share with you using these 10 simple questions…

10 Questions Every Marketing Department Needs:

  1. What is the brand’s/business’ sales goal?
  2. What is the timeframe to achieve this?
  3. What is unique about the product/service you are marketing?
  4. Does your campaign resemble what the competition is doing?
  5. Who is the campaign for?
  6. What past campaigns worked?
  7. Why did each campaign work?
  8. Why did the past failed campaigns, fail?
  9. What is the expected return on investment (%) from the campaign?
  10. Is there a different answer to each question above?

How do these questions help marketing? The answers form a list. This list creates the brief for the campaign. It defines what the focus of the campaign is about and it defines what should be measured and how.

Most importantly, it is not based on emotions and it focuses on what is accurate and reliable: results.