Business 101

Running a business is always tough. Never easy to be exact. Unfortunately, that’s how it is. Can you imagine the uncertainty of feeding yourself? And doing that every day?

Well, what does it take to run a business?

I strongly think its 5 strong qualities:

1. Confidence
Confidence is often mistaken for arrogance. Funnily enough, entrepreneurs tend to have to be confident to make it. Be it flamboyance or shyness, confidence is the key!

2. Determination
Striving along is hard but chugging along with an idea and absolutely unsure of the success rate in the market; that is where determination is strongly needed. To work countless hours on an idea, service or product, is so crucial to any business founder. The late nights, coffee, sugar, beer and instant food are all part and parcel of a new social life: work, work, and work.

3. Positive Mindset
Being a boss is hard; especially when there are other people working with you! The most important thing is to: think positive. The truth is often cruel and hard. Most people are constantly in denial and hence; the truth is always hard. Positive comments, on the other hand, encourage people to believe in a bubble where everything is possible! Afterall, everyone loves bullshit that sounds good.

4. Be as thick-skinned as possible
Starting out on your own is always tough. Take it from a fellow entrepreneur. When trying to make things work, you have to be thick-skinned i.e. not ashamed of what you do. And I mean, seriously unashamed. When I first started out, my clients used to ask me: So, who does the sales?” and I’d said: “me.” they would continue asking me several questions about other staff, and the reply would stay unchanged. Then they would ask, “so, it’s just u, why should we work with u?” and I’d confidently reply: “cos I’m good and cute” and a good laugh would follow and I would get the job! See, being confident is one thing. Being thick-skinned is another. :)

5. Think straight; but out of the box!
Last but not least, always think straight and out of the box. Being rational is important. Like collecting money and spending them wisely. But always venture out to something exciting. Something that separates you from the rest. Be it your product or you, be different!

With that said, I’m proud to say, Fyreflyz has survived 40 months and counting cos we are…. Bright ideas that work!