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Marketing and Branding: what are they about?

We hear it all the time. The words “Marketing” and “Branding” is at the tip of almost every business strategic meeting. Sales people depend on them. Employees look up to these words for a sense of belonging. With more and more entrepreneurs rising each day, more companies are born. The importance in these two words […]

Word-of-Mouth Marketing is still the best!

Have you ever checked out reviews for a product or service you were looking for? Have you tried asking for recommendations on social media? Do the opinions of your friends or family on products or services matter to you? Ever tried a restaurant or brand because of something good you heard from someone or somewhere? […]

10 Questions Every Marketing Department Needs

Marketing is often misunderstood – sometimes, it is viewed as a want instead of a need. It is more than that. Marketing is a science, it is the most essential part of the “Brand”. Marketing makes the brand. Often, companies think that marketing is unimportant, it is ineffective. The truth is, “marketing” is important and can be effective, with the right objectives and […]