Creativity: what does it entail?

Creativity is often described as thinking out of the box. What exactly is “out of the box”? If you were asked to do a project which provides only one paragraph of brief, would taking the project be thinking out of the box? Or would not taking it be thinking out of the box?

Yet, while most people ‘think’ creativity comes easily, it is but talent and hard work. Persistence is such an important element. One can only begin to fathom what a ‘creative’ individual thinks about; sights, sounds and more are all naturally different to him/her.

Everyone asks for it; creativity is always a requirement in 90% of the projects. What does it really entail? Here are our views of what 6 traits a “creative” individual is endowed with:

1. Passion
Life without passion is merely a function of necessity. Time becomes the only thing life is about. The ticking of the clock is the only pleasure one would enjoy. Passion is the most important element. It brings about the other elements. Passion is the root of a strong mind. It is the core and heart of an individual. Anything is possible with passion. To love something strong and deep enough, one would never fail.

2. Determination
A word with many synonyms: persistence, perseverance, certitude, etc. All these words represent one thing: never giving up. Easier said than done, to most, it’s a trait that perhaps we easily take for granted. To raze through society with utmost determination is one of the rarities we do not often see. Like a salmon swimming against the tide, what lies ahead will always be an unknown. Those with determination, strive to find out.

3. Inquisitiveness
A child is often the most creative of all. A child sees things in its simplest and most beautiful form. He/she appreciates and absorbs information like a sponge. At age of 2-5, all of us possess this beautiful trait. Why? Because our minds are thirsty. Why? Because the answers are limitless. Why? It empowers us. The question: “why?” is a simple but powerful one. It is the key to a horizon not many want to embrace.

4. Bravery
Being creative means being prepared to hear “NO” and do much better. It means having the courage to face failures and rejections square in the face and deal with them. Fear: we all have them. To say one has no fear is merely a false front of bravery. Only brave ones admit their fears; and only the truly brave ones face their fears. We often look at the moon and wonder if it’s truly rounder on the other side of the world. Yet, merely a handful brave ones would venture to find out or stay true to where they belong.

5. Loyalty
Never giving up on your idea and client means that you are loyal. We err all the time. Every one encounters a setback every once in awhile. Staying true to one’s belief is ironically one of the hardest thing to do. Influences, society, media, cultures, etc play a part in moulding our wants and desires. Over time, people change. Environment changes. Habits change. Staying true to something and working hard to improve on it is merely a heap of mountainous work one has to achieve.

6. Perfection
In all creative person, there is a dark secret. Somewhere in the closet or storeroom lies the alter-ego who is secretly OCD and a perfectionist. Each time a design is complete, the alter-ego stares it in the face and picks a fault. Amendments are carried out. The greatest downfall of a creative person happens to be the greatest strength, for it is far better to produce and sub,it only the best; then to submit a work filled with faults. Perspectives can differ but more often than not, the goal originates from the same point.

There you have it, our 6 traits of a “creative” person. After 5 years, and many clients, we love and hate each process. Staring at a design repeatedly and constantly can make one jaded. Thinking out of the box enables us to embody the best of both worlds; different yet determined. Perfection is but defined through an individual’s mind and eyes.