Marketing and Branding: what are they about?

We hear it all the time. The words “Marketing” and “Branding” is at the tip of almost every business strategic meeting. Sales people depend on them. Employees look up to these words for a sense of belonging. With more and more entrepreneurs rising each day, more companies are born. The importance in these two words grow even more. Yet, in a recent article by, these were the 2 most hated words of the great Steve Jobs.

Credits: “The Two Words Steve Jobs Hated Most”

In the article, it’s relates that “Marketing” equates to selling and “Branding” advertising of artificial things. Ironically, Apple is about strong branding and fantastic marketing. Indeed, these are the two most focused and talked about words these days. What exactly are they about?

The truth is, every company needs an image. A front. A mental impression that people can related to. Something that imprints each company into memory. And sales is the crux of every business. It determines if a business makes it. Is that artificial? What is branding? Some fancy design of words? Logos? And what about marketing, is that all about selling? Is is about dressing up the ordinary?


Marketing is really just a series of activities carried out by company to sell their products. Indeed, it is selling. But it is not such a dirty word. Marketing executed correctly, produces fantastic results. Look at the iPhone. The effort, the thought process, the hard work, and more. All of it relates to one thing: what the end user wants. Marketing is about that: the end user.


Branding is the identity of companies. Like Coke, Google, Yahoo, Apple, their logos, ads are all iconic. Your mind automatically registers their brand and pulls out their products once you see their signature logos. It draws them apart from the competition. Indeed, it represent ads, but it also brings about loyalty. Branding is the creative concoction of business people and designers to inspire customer loyalty. It comes with assurance. It brings peace-of-mind, quality, price etc. A brand not only sells an ad, it tells a story.


For all companies, “marketing” and “branding” might be dirty words. Yet, they are also important. Executed correctly, they bring gets results and growth.