Word-of-Mouth Marketing is still the best!

Have you ever checked out reviews for a product or service you were looking for? Have you tried asking for recommendations on social media? Do the opinions of your friends or family on products or services matter to you? Ever tried a restaurant or brand because of something good you heard from someone or somewhere?

All of these examples are word-of-mouth marketing. Word-of-mouth marketing is old but effective.

Most companies are so fixated on sales and influencing people directly instead of understanding group vs individual dynamics that they end up using influencers that might not have a direct relationship with the end consumer.

Trust takes time to build. While influencers work, they are also peddling a ton of other products and there is only so much a consumer can stay loyal to.

People influence people. Social behaviour is dependent on individuals and at the same time, groups are dependent on individuals. Ultimately, trust is built within a circle. This circle becomes crucial as it slowly multiplies to many similar circles.

The power in word-of-mouth is that it multiplies. Slowly or otherwise, it multiplies = it grows. This can also be true for a negative emotion or experience.

The long term plan for every brand, product or service is to ensure the sustainability and longevity of themselves.

It is a constant effort to make sure that the overall message out there about your brand, product or service is consistent. Whether people are talking about your brand, product or service on social media, traditional media or verbally, they are talking.

Remember to make sure that if they are talking, they are buying or using your brand, product or service. And last but not least, that they are telling others about it!

Whichever medium your campaign is on – make sure you focus on the creating word-of-mouth.